Lambros Papasavvas & Co Ltd and KKERS, a trade name that belongs to Lambros Papasavvas & Co Group, were founded in 2010 with the aim to fulfill the needs of the non-life insurance companies in the field of automotive assessments, loss adjustments, asset valuations, risk management, recovery losses, accident reconstructions, biomechanical investigations and yacht surveys. the company is distinguished by its extensive product and services offerings and superior claims handling expertise that where developed since 2010.

Lambros Papasavvas & Co Ltd works with all major insurance companies in Cyprus through a network of skillful and capable network of employees and business associates from diverse disciplines and backgrounds that can be engaged and deliver outstanding value. The team is compromised by individuals from all engineering disciplines and claim handlers with extensive hand on experience and field work. Our Team, Partners and Associates are carefully selected through pre defined criteria and standards that fit with our corporate culture and business model.

Lambros Papasavvas & Co Ltd is certified with the ISO 9001:2015 standard for claims handling and Damage Assessment for Vehicles and Properties. Accident Reconstruction and investigation.

At Lambros Papasavvas & Co Ltd we always take a personalized approach in delivering every project with exceptional professionalism, integrity, efficiency, accuracy and always building a long lasting relationship with our clients.


Our mission is to offer outstanding services in every assignment that we are engaged at the highest degree of integrity, efficiency and accuracy.

Social Responsability

At Lambros Papasavvas & Co Ltd, all business services offered by the company are conducted in an ethical and professional manner always in accordance to the legal framework. Employee health and safety, continuous training and development is of great importance and part of our corporate culture.